The project

SGR – Società Generale Ricambi is the market leader for spare parts for motorbikes in Italy, and it is among the top three distributors in Europe, with 25,000 catalogue references and 100,000 online orders each year.

There was a need to develop a B2B e-commerce project using PHP that allowed the order system to be updated and that was managed by the company management system in real-time.

The project, realized in partnership with Elogic (provider of technological infrastructures) has been compteletely developed by Mollusco & Balena on the basis of 3 steps: analysis and definition of the project, graphical realization and technical development.

The key elements of the project are the complete integration with the company’s systems, search functionality that allows users to search products by the type of motorbike, spare part category, manufacturer and product code. When filtered search results are displayed, the system provides a list of potential applications considering that the same product is valid for various types of motorbike.

The digital communication project developed for the front-end definitely puts SGR ahead of its competitors in terms of design and usability due to its responsive functionalities that allow the website to be accessible from all devices.

In the first two months, the project brought a 30% increase in sales.

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