Web design

The activity of realizing web projects aims to obtain a balance between web design, the realization of websites updated via Content Management Systems (CMS) with a high creative impact and a design focused on the reference target, and good search engine optimization.

Since 1998 Mollusco & Balena has been creating web design projects with graphical interfaces designed ad hoc for clients, as well as developing web-based applications when they are required.
The development of the web design projects is primarily based on the most up-to-date programming technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript and Ajax.

The experience obtained from over 15 years of online web design allow us to provide consultancy for both projects to be realized and existing projects, by putting all of the details into perspective in such a way that the customer has a clear idea about what they are investing in and the project’s potential.

The web design activities also consist of the development of communication projects through the realization of blogs developed using WordPress, which are customized both technically and graphically on the basis of the clients’ specifications. This allows us to constrain the platform-related costs and instead invest in the customization and promotion of the blogs by interfacing with various social media.

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Web design