Below the line

Mollusco & Balena manages all the direct marketing activities for its partner companies. This specificity arises from the results-oriented approach that the companies have always given to their own projects.

Below the Line

Below the Line area works on developing all of the support activities for the company’s sales networks such as catalogues, retail store material, brochures or leaflets.  In addition we have a long history of realizing cover art for music artists.

This activity consists of the creative conception, graphical design and consultancy regarding the materials used for the realization of catalogues, brochures or retail store materials.  Considering the technological nature of Mollusco & Balena, an increasing number of these activities are realized in digital form such as on USB keys, Apps or dedicated websites.

Mollusco & Balena has been developing Below the Line communication both for Small Business and Big Companies.

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Below the line