Mollusco & Balena has communication in its DNA: from the ideas through to the tools to make them effective.

Specifically it is the Communication Division lead by Michele Golinelli that provides consultancy services for advertising campaigns.

The Advertising activities are based on creative expertise combined with planning experience oriented towards the communication project objectives that have been studied for private companies and public authorities at both national and international levels.

Advertising can be concerned with various aspects:

Corporate Advertising is the image that a company has, or wants to obtain, towards its reference target such as stakeholders or customers in order to distinguish itself from its competitors.  The corporate image is the essence, i.e. the most profound form, of the brand and is generated from the company’s values, vision and mission.

Product Advertising is the focused activity that a company carries out to obtain the maximum visibility of a product or service towards its customer target.  This activity has creative peculiarities and requires planning experience so that the defined budget can bring a satisfactory return on investment.

Mollusco & Balena has developed Advertising campaigns for companies in diverse market sectors always using a common denominator: creativity and maximum attention to the return on investment.

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