Sexy Costumi – Sexy Marilyn Video Event

The project

Mollusco & Balena coordinated the Sexy Costumi events and the relative production of video and web promotional material for the MISS SEXY COSTUMI project.

The project grew out of the company’s desire to create an online contest that selected 15 Marilyns who were hosted for a weekend at a location before they spent two days astonishing Bologna with a Hollywood theme.

Specifically we dressed a set for taking photographs in a studio in Bologna (see the video), the girls traveled around Bologna using public transport, and then an invitation-only themed party was organized at the swimming pool of Locanda Solarola.

There were over 150 participants in the contest and the winner collected over 5000 votes. The event did not go unnoticed by the Bolognese!

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Sexy Costumi – Sexy Marilyn Video Event