Cesare Cremonini

The project

The cover art for the “Bagus”, coordinated image and cardboard displays for the promotion of Cesare Cremonini’s album in retail stores were developed in direct collaboration with Warner Music Italy.

The word “Bagus”, in Indonesian, represents everything that is positive, pleasant, beautiful and likeable. We followed this idea during the realization of the advertising material for Cesare Cremonini.

The work performed with creativity and dedication brought to fruition a fresh, young product with a strong character distinguished by colorful, oriental touches.

Mollusco & Balena has realized an intoxicating voyage into an exotic world, all in the service of the simple and  carefree music of Cesare Cremonini.

Following his initial success with Lunapop, Cesare Cremonini began his solo career in 2002. Currently very active on the music scene, in addition to having creative outlets in other artistic fields such as literature and cinema, he is often a guest on television and radio programs.

Cesare Cremonini